What is going on in your mind when you think about the best companion while traveling? Maybe it’s your best friend or your sweetheart? 

We have one more example, this buddy will definitely become your best assistant, and when planning a trip for two, the saying “Two is a company, but three is none” isn’t true. In that case - three is perfect! 

If you don’t know what we are talking about - then take your smartphone and download Google Maps app on it, and when you learn all its opportunities and functions - your life will never be the same.

Google Maps is the greatest map application from Google Inc. that shows directions, routes, terrain and you can even make a virtual journey through the streets whenever you want and discover any city you want! Google Maps needs an Internet connection, but you can always download offline maps.

When we talk about Google Maps we mean:

  • Traffic jam: This tool shows the traffic situation on the road.
  • Transit: It shows public transport stops and routes.
  • Satellite and Globe mode where you can see the Earth in a revolving 3D model like from the Space. You can also zoom it to use the Street View mode.
  • Amazing Street View mode. This mode is very engaging if you like to travel a lot, and it can be helpful while planning your next journey. Just drag over the yellow traveler inside the desired area and let it walk around the streets with you :)

While planning your travel, you can find interesting places, look through the photos and read the reviews from other travelers. Moreover, you can add your own reviews and contributions, add pictures, put marks on the places you have already visited to help other users, earn points and become a local expert!

Are you still in a doubt whether you need it?