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  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Genre: Travel & Local
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Official information

Release Date December 13, 2012
Developer Google LLC
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Travel & Local
Language English
System Android, iOS
Version latest


Google Maps Review

Either you're about to travel a couple of thousand miles away to see Luxor's Valley of the Kings or simply need to find the nearest gas station while on the road trip to the State Capital - you'll need a reliable partner. And this reliable partner will definitely be Google Maps.

It knows everything about everything, especially when it comes to museums, restaurants, traffic jams, vehicle services and so on and so forth.

A super versatile tool, you can download Google Maps for PC or almost every other platform. Except maybe Google Maps for Blackberry has never been released.

Where do we go now?

It doesn't matter if you're bicycling, comfortably sat inside your car or going on foot - Google Maps will gladly find you a direction you need, from A to B. You just need to choose an appropriate direction mode for:
  • A vehicle.
  • Public transportation.
  • Walking.

Google Maps has become even smarter lately after Waze has been bought by the company and now you'll be alerted if a traffic jam is awaiting ahead to hinder your journey. However, you can't report incidents through Google Maps on your own - for that purpose you still need to utilize Waze, which is still available as a standalone app.

GM relentlessly calculates better routes for you and if one of those becomes available - you'll be informed instantly through a pop-up notification. Don't hesitate to use it: its "life-span" is merely 30 seconds, after which it disappears.

Moreover, the application takes into consideration the speed at which you move, providing you with the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Which is especially nice by the way: if you need to be somewhere and arriving late is unacceptable, you can calculate time of your trip and other details beforehand.

As for the most popular feature Search Nearby - it's still there, only in a new incarnation. It still can find coffee shops, falafel cafes or supermarkets, only this time its searching algorithm seems to be somewhat hostile to the common logic. Quite often it shows a place, say a burger joint, located pretty far away from you and ignoring those nearby. However there's an explanation: Google actively incorporates ratings made by the Zagat Survey and in general just tries to find a place with a bigger number of the rating stars, given to it by regular clients.

Modes unlimited

It looks like the only types of transport not supported by GM are hyperloops and space rockets. But only so far.
Apart for cars, buses, subway etc. Google Maps for trucks is also an option. To calculate the most convenient route, a truck-driver will need to:
a) Install a GPS navigation app for trucks - iGO, Sygic, Nextgen etc.
b) Search for the destination in Google Maps.
c) Tap on Share option.
d) Choose from the list of the apps the truck navigation app - iGO etc.
e) Destination will be shown In that app - simply tap on Navigate to.
f) Choose the route setting.

By the way, it isn't solely supported by Android. You can download Google Maps for iPhone as well.

Occasionally Google Maps for boats is possible too. You can use the Satellite view mode to scrutinize the area where you plan to sail, find the nearest docks, Coast Guard stations, lighthouses, islands etc. Furthermore, you can sketch out your boating route in the Google Maps for desktop and import it to your mobile gizmo or even have it printed in color on paper.

Tips & tricks

In case you are dissatisfied with the customer service or on the contrary were enthralled by delicious Crêpes Suzette served in some place - feel free to give a quick star rating (up to 5 stars) or leave a full-fledged review right in the app. Empirically it’s been figured out that Google Maps for iPad is the best thing for writing mean, unsympathetic reviews.

In case the signal on your phone is lost/you ran out of traffic - the cached maps will still be available, which can be of great assistance.

If you're going to visit an unknown area, say to deliver a cargo to a building you've never seen before, you can switch to the Google Street View. It'll give a better and more vivid understanding of the location and it works in every version: from Google Maps for Mac to Google Maps for iPhone. If you don't need any voice instructions given by the app then just mute it.

What's especially pleasant, be it Google Maps for Windows 10, or Google Maps for Apple Watch, the app always retains a remarkable ease of use and never gets interrupted by ads if you're still on your way to the destination.


Google Maps is an irreplaceable helper for all kinds of voyages and trips. If you're travelling to another edge of the world or searching for a nearby cafe, where they serve the British breakfast - don't forget to take this app with you.


  • Imperfect Search Near feature.
  • In certain places the app can be inaccurate.
  • You can't report road accidents.


  • A variety of modes.
  • Cached maps.
  • Street View.
  • Traffic jam alert.
  • Route and ETA precision.
  • Rating and reviews.
  • Google Maps for commercial vehicles works fine.